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Adwords Strategy Basics: Half the cost, double the leads

Adwords Strategy Basics: Half the cost, double the leads

Adwords advertising at the same time seems very simple, but at the same time, it seems to me many are throwing away their money. I have seen companies using 4.000eur/month in Adwords, and receiving 1.000 leads per month, but sales revenue is not growing – THAT IS NOT HOW IT SHOULD WORK!

This simple rule cannot be repeated enough: It is not about the amount of visits, but the amount of new revenue.


There are dozens of tricks, I have collected here some I like to think are the most important ones. If you did not optimize your Adwords campaigns yet, YOU WILL HALF THE COST AND DOUBLE THE QUALIFIED LEADS (NOTE: “QUALIFIED”).

Tip 1 – Don´t purchase the mainstream words
Everybody new on Adwords purchase the mainstream words, say the “obvious ones”, and most of the times it´s expensive and has negative ROI. There are words such as “insurance” that can cost even 45USD/click to get on the first page. Then there are words such as “purchasing best insurance”, that has a lot less searches, but the price is less than half of the mainstream word and will give a lot better ROI for your business. Best words and phrases are those that will bring your customer from unknown to visitor. Meaning that you need to know what your potential customer needs before she does. Your competitors are not there yet, and you get to build confidence from the very beginning.

Tip 2 – Purchase words from the end of the purchase cycle
This is only applicable to short sales cycle products. If your product´s sales cycle is several months or even years, you need to get to your customer a lot sooner. Good product example could be a television. Does it make sense to purchase word “samsung smart tv” if you are a Samsung television retailer – no it does not. But it does make sense to purchase “where to purchase samsung tv”, as the person searching this is very near purchasing.

Tip 3 – Always propose CTA to continue from landing page
There is no sense to purchase visits to your site if you are not going to propose them anything. It´s like giving an product presentation to potential customer, and then just leave and wish happy weekend. DOES NOT WORK LIKE THIS!

Tip 4 – Make sure the Landing page content is in line with the keywords
I won´t explain details here but if you use Adwords you should know that the less quality your landing page has in relation to the add, the more you pay per click. This is very important to understand not only for investment point of view, but also from your conversion point of view.

Tip 5 – Monitor, analyse, optimize
Nothing perfect was built in a day – improve, measure, improve. Small optimizations some times make a huge difference.


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