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Spanish SEO – Excellent Strategy

spanish seo

Spanish SEO – Excellent Strategy

Why Spanish SEO is effective SEO strategy?


Answer to the question is very simple:

“Because Spanish is the most used language in Google after English, but there is just 10% of the competition in SEO and content marketing.”.


In practice this means that when getting to Google´s first page in English might take 12 months, and 30.000 words of text, dozens of images and investments on SEO, in Spanish the same effort is 2-3 months and 6.000 words.

With content marketing and SEO in English many times you target entire world, but remember that if you are not getting to Google first page, and many times even the Top5 positions, your content marketing and SEO results from lead generation point of view are zero. And SEO should be just one part of the lead generation process.


Spanish SEO, target markets

People tend to think that content marketing in Spanish, and Spanish SEO are only necessary when you are targeting Latin American market or Spain. Both are true, but what you should not forget is that there are 59 million native Spanish speakers  in North America. They are speaking and using Google in Spanish every day, searching for products and services just as everybody else.

Spanish SEO Services

I am happy to help you with anything related to Spanish SEO services. I have helped several companies from Europe to enter into Spanish and Latin American markets. Some 5-6% of the inbound leads are originated from North America with this strategy.

I can execute your Spanish SEO from strategy to execution, including content production. Just as any other SEO project, the correct procedure is:

  1. Careful keyword analysis. What terms exactly are people using in Spanish when searching your products and services? How many searches /month in each target country? What companies are ranking with those keywords in selected countries? Are they your competitors?
  2. SEO Strategy. What keywords you want your site to be ranked in first page? How difficult keywords are they? We work the strategy together.
  3. Content Calendar. In order to make sure your pages will rank, we benchmark existing content, and create a content calendar that will get your page to first positions.

A this point we have your Spanish SEO strategy perfectly in place. All this normally takes about 1-2 weeks in calendar time.

When the SEO strategy is in place, we need to start creating content. We have professional Spanish SEO writers, or you can use your own team of course. Do not try to translate English pages to Spanish, and think thats´ it. It wont work as well as you would think.

Your content in target language, need to match with the words people are using in that country.

How long it takes to rank in Top10?

This depends a lot on following details:

  • Are your pages already SEO optimized?
  • How much competition there are in your industry regarding Google visibility?
  • How are you ranked in Google currently in English?
  • Do you already have some content in Spanish, and you are ranking maybe in Google positions 20-50?

Depending on the previous details, ranking your page in Top10 with Spanish SEO, will take between one and twelve months.

What I always suggest when starting from zero, is start from easier keywords. Keywords that your competitor did not find yet. And then, step by step, start building your visibility in Spanish speaking countries. This way you get faster results, and it is a lot more satisfying and measurable than going for the big keywords immediately. Well, this depends mostly on your budget – it is completely possible to aim high from scratch, it just takes more effort creating the content.

SEM in Spanish

We do SEM in Spanish also. We mainly use SEM as a strategical tool to find best possible keywords, and test how to build optimized “lead generation pipes”. If your SEM budget is somewhere between 100 and 5.000 USD /month in Spanish speaking world, I can create and execute your SEM strategy, but if you plan running something bigger, I am probably not your best choice, there are bigger agencies for that kind of “bulk advertising”.

Contact for references

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you want to ask something or if you just want to see some references. We have done dozens of cases, with companies revenue between 1MU$ and 200MU$.

Also, if you want my professional SEO opinion on your particular case, as if it even makes sense to start doing Spanish SEO, just contact me by email, tell me a little bit on your goal and of course, what is the domain name and product you want to position in Spanish.

We operatate in Finland and Spain.

janne.sivula@novavara.com |Tel/Whatsapp: +358 40 779 3251


P.D. SEO in Spanish prices

Depends a lot on what needs to be done, just strategy or also execution. SEO with real results can cost you anything between 500U$ and 5.000U$/month, it all depends on the project really.





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