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Coaching in Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing course is different from any other. We concentrate on the final result, that is, on selling more.

Course participants learn to create a digital marketing strategy that produces measurable and predictable results.

We are not consultants giving digital marketing courses about what we have studied or read about marketing books but we are international Marketing professionals who really have their hands in the dough daily. We are going to show you examples, not of Coca-Cola, nor of Goldman Sachs that we can read in books, but of work done by us, the results, what worked and what did not, and why.

The same trainers are those who have created the marketing strategy to enter new markets for example for the largest glass factory in the world (Saint-Gobain), and some other multinational brands that we can not mention but will know closely in the course .

Contents of our digital marketing coaching

We explain our methodology with real life examples. A digital marketing strategy that gives results and that are measurable requires a combination of several techniques that we will see in the course.

The content of the digital marketing course varies a bit according to the previous answers that we are going to ask the participants. Depending on the level of the participants, we can focus more on one or another detail on the following topics:

  1. SEO positioning. Because SEO knowledge is so important, that is what a SEO professional can find about different markets, competition, etc.
  2. Keyword analysis. Each company has its keywords for the internet, but 95% define them poorly or inefficiently. Choosing the right keywords for each company is essential. If they make a mistake or choose a battle they can not win, they will never generate business online
  3. Content strategy. If you do not have it, you should come to the course. We explain how exactly you know what content you should publish and why. We also explain how you can already know in advance what content will generate traffic and what will not. And how to “steal potential customers” from your competition by creating content.
  4. SEM (Search Engine Marketing). How to do it efficiently and with results using everything learned previously.
  5. How to use Facebook, Instagram, Linked-In, Slideshare, etc. to distribute all the digital content.

Depending on the client’s needs, we can focus on the entire methodology or at a specific point. If you are interested in our digital marketing course, do not hesitate to contact us and ask more.

Who is our digital marketing coaching for?

It is for the marketing direction or general direction of a company that wants to grow more than 10% per year. It is for a company that wants and can grow internationally.

Who does not need our marketing coaching?

Our marketing course is not for a company that sells its products locally.

Yes, you will learn a lot, but so that if in the end you can not apply it in your business.

Objective of our digital marketing coaching

The participants will learn how to do digital marketing in a predictable and measurable way. The participants will have a very clear vision on how to organize the resources of their company so that the results are a measurable reality, not a fantasy without real and measurable objective. They will learn what type of internal or external resources are necessary to create a digital marketing strategy that gives them real results with a positive return on investment.

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