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Our digital marketing services include the digital marketing strategy. Marketing campaigns according to the strategy using channels such as Adwords, Linked-In or Facebook.

Digital marketing objectives

The goal of digital marketing is always a positive ROI. That is, you have to bill more than what you invest in Marketing. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of digital marketing comparing traditional marketing. That is, we can calculate the ROI of a campaign perfectly.

What’s more, we can test 5 different campaigns, and opt for what the most positive ROI gave. If they are all positive, we can continue running the five campaigns.


International Digital Marketing

Getting international prospects or customers has never been so easy. The steps are simple

1. Do an SEO analysis (Web positioning) to understand what your clients are looking for in each country. If your product is for example a ``gourmet olive oil`` you want to sell in Mexico, but nobody or very few people in Mexico look for these types of products and at the same time in Sweden they look for it 400 times a month with Google, it does not make much sense to try sell in Mexico, but start selling in Sweden, right? That is to say - do a market analysis before starting with your campaigns. This kind of analysis with modern digital marketing tools is not complex.

2. When you have decided where you want to sell, study the competition and PPC prices (price per click) for different media. Using PPC prices and conversion rates, you create an objective for your digital marketing.

3. Create content with the language of the potential customers for the campaign

4. Launch the campaign


Measure a digital marketing campaign

With Digital Marketing you always have to measure the investment versus the income. Not necessarily income from the campaign, but average incomes of the new client in all his life. (LTV = Life Time Value).

For example, if you used 4,000 euros in the entire digital marketing campaign, including market analysis, content creation and others, and you got two customers, each buying for 490.00 euros, does not mean that the campaign was bad. Maybe these customers will continue buying next 8 years, 2,490 euros each year.

When you calculate the ROI of an international or national digital marketing campaign, you should always use the LTF value, not the first purchase.

International digital marketing campaigns

We carry out international digital marketing in different countries. Contact us without any commitment, ask us the questions you have and together we will find the best market for your products and the best international marketing strategy.