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Finding new customers through search engine optimization or seo in Spanish is a lot easier than in English because there is far less competition compared to English.

Did you know that SEO in spanish is 5-10 times easier than in English? Sames goes with SEM in Spanish, clicks are proximatately 500% cheaper than in English

In English there are 5-10 times more competition. Businesses all over the world are creating on-line content in English. Spanish is the second used language in google searches, and those searches are not yet attended nearly as much as in English.

In practical terms, this means that by investing a lot less money, you can find customers online – if you use Spanish for your SEO and Google marketing efforts.

Same thing using other words would be: “Your online lead generation cost in Spanish speaking markets will be from 5 to 10 times less than in English speaking countries”.

If you see this as interesting opportunity, I can help you.

Why SEO in Spanish makes sense?

Aligning SEO/SEM and Content Strategy in general tends to give best possible marketing ROI, even if you do it in English. SEO in Spanish gives a lot better ROI, this is why:

  • It is a lot easier to get into Google Top3 positions in Spanish compared to English. This is because all companies all over the world are producing massive amounts of content, all in English.
  • Easy in SEO means fast. You don´t have to wait two years to get into Google´s first page.
  • Google Marketing (SEM) is a lot cheaper. It´s normal to pay 0,20USD per click for a word in English is 1.0USD.
  • There are still 300 million people searching information on Google in Spanish every day.
  • Available content in Spanish most probably is low or medium quality content for your business segment. This helps you to differentiate positively from your competition, and your content production efforts are not going to be as expensive as in English.
  • Through 45 million Spaniards, you will start generating leads from Europe also. Not to mention 59 million Spanishs native speakers in US.

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